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Logo Small There are many benefits to living in a caravan park


The maintenance of your home and grounds is performed by park management saving you money on maintaining them yourself if you were renting a traditional house, this also allows you can go on holidays and not worry about who will look after the gardens when you're gone, and keep your home in good condition making any necessary repairs

Resident key only access adds to the security of our computerised front entrance gates

that can be seen are needed, (this is usual to the facade as the park management is respectful of your privacy and will not enter your premise while you are away without permission) and the added security that residential parks now offer give you the peace of mind that your residence and property is safe while you are away. For Example, Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park has secure key only access computerised entrance gates and resident only key access to park amenities with security patrol at nights. This security also helps to ensure that you are living in a safe environment, and as park operators maintain a peaceful environment and comfortable living conditions, chances are that your neighbour is a nice person!


Happy people live and stay long term in a residential caravan park and they stay for a reason!


Contact us if you would like to enquire about living in Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park and receive assistance on the right accommodation choice for you from our wide selection of cabins available.


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We aim to offer you long term rental accommodation in comfortable friendly landscaped gardens in the best in affordable modern living caravan park residences, with a wide selection of accommodation types to choose from to suit your budgets and accommodation needs in a community village atmosphere without compromising on quality and our high standards of living we are proud to offer


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