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  • How do I apply for accommodation at Blue Gum Caravan and Cabin Park?

    Simply pick up an application form from Blue Gum Caravan and Cabin Park friendly reception, fill out the form and hand it back into us.

  • What is the minimum stay time?

    The minimum stay time is 28 days. As we are now a long term rental, residential caravan park we can not accept bookings for under the minimum stay of 28 days.

  • Do I have to pay an advance fee?

    Rent in advance is required, depending on the accommodation you choose. This will be either 2 or 3 weeks, in addition to your first weeks rent.

  • Do I have to sign a lease?

    You do not have to sign a lease to live at Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park.

  • Do I need to supply a reference for accommodation?

    References are preferred and whilst not mandatory, they do assist us in assessing your application for residency. Please obtain your application form at the reception desk from our friendly managers and discuss your enquiry with them.

  • How much notice do I have to give if I decide to move?

    Only 1 weeks notice is required if you are moving.

  • Do you allow pets?

    Pets are not allowed. 

  • Are the cabins furnished?

    All cabins at Blue Gum Caravan And Cabin Park are tastefully furnished with televisions, beds, table and chairs, fridges and couches or armchairs, depending on the type of accommodation that you choose.

  • Who maintains the cabins and surrounds?

    As Blue gum Caravan and Cabin Park is a residential park, we do the hard work for you and maintain the cabins and surrounds.

  • Is there Public Transport near by?

    Yes, There are 2 bus stops near the front entrance and Upfield train station is only a short distance away and links with bus at the entrance, for easy access to shopping centres, entertainment centres, cinemas, medical and dental facilities, the city of Melbourne and much more.

    You will be able to find you're way around on public transport easily when staying at Blue Gum Caravan and Cabin Park.

  • Are you located close to Medical Facilities?

    Yes, within 5 kms there are Medical Centres, Physiotherapy Facilities and Optical services at Epping Plaza Regional Shopping Centre and The Northern District Hospital is located next door to Epping Plaza Regional Shopping Centre, Dental services, Optical services and Medical facilities can also be found at Campbellfield Plaza, Roxbough Plaza, and Craigeburn Plaza.

  • Is Electricity, Gas and and Water included in the rental costs?

    Water charges are included in cabin rentals.

    Electricity and Gas charges are included in studio cabin and bunkhouse rentals.

  • What security does Blue Gum Caravan and Cabin Park offer?

    Residential managers and caretakers are on-site 24 hours a day with the added security of security patrols at night and the addition of key only access computerised security gates at the entrance and to public amenties.

  • Is there on-site parking?

    All sites have on-site parking for your vehicle with the majority being beside your cabin.

  • Are there sites available for caravans and tents?

    All tourist and short term accommodation units have been upgraded to residential and long term rental cabin homes to offer a better quality of accommodation for our residents, therefore we do not offer caravan and tent sites.

  • Do you offer tourist accommodation?

    As we are a popular well located highly maintained residential cabin and caravan park we do not offer tourist accommodation.

  • Who do I contact for more information?

    Contact our friendly and helpful managers for any enquiries and further information.

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