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Logo Small Financial Savings are a great attribute to park living!


The financial savings of living in a caravan park are significant. As most long term Park homes are furnished making it easier and cheaper for you to move in rental, residential and permanent stay caravan and cabin parks are nicely furnished, there is no need for you to buy the basic household furniture, and you save on moving costs and don't even need to buy a fridge or a bed, many household items can be rented from park operators so you donít need to buy them.

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There are no long term leases and you only have to give a relatively short notice if you decide to vacate, this will differ from 1 week to a month depending on the park you have chosen, and the cabin living accommodation of your choice. Many parks will offer a range of accommodation to choose from.

You just move straight in after you've chosen the accommodation type that suits you. Many residential parks will offer different types of cabin residences to suit different accommodation needs and budgets, this is worth asking about when you are looking for Caravan Park accommodation.


To rent a flat in Melbourne, Australia for example, you would be looking at paying several hundred dollars more a month for rent, a large and expensive bond of between 4 and 6 weeks, and add to that the costs of parking (often you have to pay NothEast Melbourne for secure parking) Bedding, couches and arm chairs, tables and chairs, washing machines, dryers, the maintenance cost of Gardens and Real Estate Agents with long waiting lists for maintenance, large up front rental fees, long rental leases that lock you in for a year or more, and having to pay out the full amount of the remainder of your lease if you decide to leave early.

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You most likely also wonít have an en-suite, or real estate agents on call 24hrs to tend to your needs the same as most residential parks will have mangers, caretakers or park operators available 24 hours for residents, or ever see your neighbour, and not knowing the person that lives next to us is a new phenomena of our times, making people often feel isolated from the rest of society, this is called the 'bubble era', the era where we don't socialize with our neighbours, why? Because we are more likely to be inside on a computer or watching TV keeping to ourselves, our children don't play with friends in the streets, and the local parks are not as safe as they used to be when we were younger.


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