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Logo Small The Benefits of Caravan Parks as a Personal Lifestyle Choice to Live in and Information About The New Positive Trends and Attitudes that are Changing Caravan Parks and Cabin Parks in Australia.


An increasingly popular accommodation choice for many thousands of happy people are residential and long term rental Caravan Parks and Cabin Parks.


Why have Caravan Parks become so popular?

The traditional caravan park is changing, they no longer cater to those only seeking cheap tourist accommodation and housing for the less privileged.

More caravan parks are now filling the demand for affordable quality housing in a residential community atmosphere. These caravan parks that specialise in residential accommodation comprise of cabins (mobile homes) and can have between one and three bedrooms with en-suites and fully equipped kitchens in a pleasant well maintained environment.

There are many benefits of living in a caravan park

The maintenance is performed by park management so you can go on holidays and not worry about who will look after the gardens when you're gone, and the security that residential parks now offer give you the peace of mind that your residence and property is safe while you are away. This security also helps to ensure that you are living in a safe and secure environment and as park operators maintain peaceful and comfortable living conditions, chances are that your neighbour is a nice person! Many friendships arise from the community living in a cabin

Landscaped grounds and gardens are maintainted by park management

or caravan park. Many parks have residents that have lived in them for over 10 years, some for over 30 years. Happy people stay and they stay for a reason.

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The financial savings of living in a caravan park are significant.

As most long term residential and long stay caravan and cabin parks are furnished you save on moving costs and don't even need to buy a fridge or a bed, and many household items can be rented from park operators so you donít need to buy them.


There are no long term leases and you only have to give a relatively short notice if you

Furnished homes at Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park makes it easier to move straight in

decide to vacate, this will differ from 1 week to a month depending on the park you

have chosen and the cabin living accommodation of your choice. You just move straight

in after you've chosen the cabin accommodation type that suits your needs and your budget. Many residential parks will offer different types of cabin residences to suit different accommodation needs and budgets.

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To rent a flat or house in Melbourne, Australia you would be looking at paying several hundred dollars or more a month for rent and adding to the initial monthly rental costs there are many other expenses for example:

  1. Parking (often you have to pay extra for on site parking)

  2. Couches and arm chairs

  3. Table and chairs

  4. Washing machines

  5. Dryers

  6. Maintenance cost of gardens

  7. Real Estate Agents with long waiting lists for maintenance

  8. Expensive bonds

  9. Large up front rental fees

  10. long rental leases

  11. Having to pay out the full amount of the remainder of your lease if you decide to leave early

Ensuite with shower and toilet and basin

You most likely also wonít have an en-suite or ever see your neighbour, and not knowing the person that lives next to us is a new phenomena of our era, the bubble era, the era where we don't socialize with our neighbours, we are more likely to be inside on a computer or watching TV keeping to ourselves, our children don't play with friends in the streets and local council parks as we used to when we were younger often due to safety concerns as well, something that residential parks offer, the security and peace of mind that your children can play in security of the park.

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Superior Studio Cabins.

Private B-B-B's and seating on the new verandah's on Superir cabins Superior Studio Cabins have individual verandahs including large private individual seating areas including table and chairs with individual B-B-Q's for each unit, and have become one of our most popular accommodation choices.

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