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Water Restrictions


Small Logo What You Need To Know About Melbourne's Water Restrictions And How It Affects You


Melbourne is having a water crisis and to conserve our precious water resources we have entered Level 3a water restrictions to save water and reduce the likelihood of entering Level 4 water restrictions, the water crisis is because Melbourne has experienced below average rainfall since mid-2006 and stream-flow into our reservoirs during 2006 was the lowest recorded.


What you need to know about Level 3a water restrictions.


  • You can't water your lawns at any time

  • Gardens can only be watered in the morning on your specified watering days. There is no evening watering.

  • A manual dripper system that you turn on or off by hand, hand-held hoses fitted with trigger nozzles, watering cans and buckets can only be used between 6am-8am to water your garden as required on specified watering days.

  • Automatic dripper systems that turn themselves on and off can only be used between midnight-2am to water your garden as required on specified watering days.

What is my specified watering day?


  • Even numbered houses can water on Saturday and Tuesday.

  • Odd numbered houses can water on Sunday and Wednesday.

  • Watering is not permitted on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Properties that have no number are considered an even numbered property.

  • Washing your car can only be done by a commercial car wash that uses 70 litres of water or less per vehicle.

  • If you want to clean windows, mirrors and lights and spot-remove corrosive substances; a bucket, filled directly from a tap can be used


How can you help save water?


  • Using a bucket to collect 'warm up' water in the shower or scooping out bath or basin water. **Remember greywater must be used within 24 hours of collection unless it has been treated.

  • Have shorter showers

  • Turn of the tap when washing your teeth and use a cup to rinse your mouth out


The Weekly Water update can be found here




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