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Small Logo Site help to assist you in finding the information you are looking for and make the most of the features of our website. 


What the symbols mean... 


At the top of each page you will see symbols, these allow you increase the size of the words, decrease the size and return them to the regular size.


Increase text size buttonThis button allows you to increase the text size, the letter in it is wider.

Decrease text size button This is the decrease text size button, the letter in it is thinner.

Reset text size button This is the reset button and will reset the text size to normal, it has an 'R' for 'reset' in it.


Often people like to refer our website to friends and family, and print one or more pages to read later, we have buttons that allow you to do this. All printer friendly pages do not have the background pictures, only the pictures in the web page. 


Email this page to a friend button If you click on this button it will open a pop up window that you can use to email the page to a friend. We do not collect any personal information and respect your privacy.


Print version button Printing a page on our website is easy, you can click on this button and it will give you a printer friendly version of the page you are reading.


Pdf button You may want a .pdf version of the web page, and clicking on this button will produce a printer friendly version of the page you are looking at in .pdf form.


As everybody has different monitors and screen resolutions, we have customised our website to suit your screen resolution and monitor size. 


 Wider screen resolution buttonThis button will adjust the website for bigger screen resolutions, and is the default size for the website.



wide screen viewing buttonSmaller screens will appreciate this button, it adjusts the website for a smaller screen resolution.


At Blue gum we like to offer as many choices as possible to our residents, and our website is no different. You can change the colour of the website by clicking on the buttons below where you see them on the top of each page.


This button will change the colour of the website to orange This button will change the colour of the website to orange

This button will change the colour of the website to green This button will change the colour of the website to green

Default colour blue for the website Clicking on this button will reset the website colours to the default of blue


As the pictures can to big to put into a web page without interfering with the written content, we have a new way of showing you a larger version of the picture without an annoying pop up.


magnify a picture button When you see this little magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of a picture it means that if you click on the picture a larger version will displayed without the classic 'pop up' effect. Clicking on the larger image will return you to the website, exactly where you were.


RSS News Feeds and live Bookmarks/Favourites buttons 


 ATOM RSS live bookmarks button RSS2 live bookmarks button

The RSS feed buttons and the Syndicate buttons found on the left of each page allow you to have updates to our website sent to your chosen RSS feed reader, or added to your bookmarks or favourites folder and shows you the latest updates to the Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park website.

If you are using a current browser like Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+ or Safari 2+, your browser already has a feed reader built in. All you need to do is click the link to a news feed and your browser will display the feed and/or prompt you to subscribe.



We have many wonderful features on our website, feel free to use them and take advantage of the wonderful world wide web!




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Tourist Accommodation Update


Due to the popularity of blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park we have converted our tourist accommodation suites to residential accommodation. 

This is to continue to provide and maintain the high standards of living for our long term rental residents.

The minimum stay is now 28 days and we can no longer accept bookings for short term accommodation. 

If you have a tourist booking with us, do not worry, your booking will still be honoured and you can expect all the comforts you have come to expect from your holidays at Blue gum Cabin and Caravan Park, though we will no longer take tourist bookings.



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