Caravan Park Homes


Small Logo How are park homes different from conventional houses and what are the similarities?


Unlike conventional homes residential park homes can be regarded as modular

Bunhouses, cheap acccommodation also have kitchens

housing, which is scalable to create homes of differing lengths and widths, this

allows us to create custom built homes for different budgets and comfort levels.

The only real difference is the method of construction, park housing is as securely constructed as conventional houses except that they are 'mobile homes' or 'modular housing' and that they come fully furnished.

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Once inside, there is nothing to suggest that you are anywhere other than in a fully

Purpose built larger cabin

equipped and modern dwelling.

There will be good-sized living areas and a separate kitchen in cabins, built-in

cupboards and wardrobes, one or two bedrooms and fitted bathroom with toilets and showers and is carpeted throughout with landscaped

gardens that you are looked after for you.

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