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1. The Gazebo and B-B-Q
2 Bburner B-B-Q with Purpose Built Gazebo and custom made table and chairs. Residents Enjoy Using The Large 2 Burner B-B-Q with Custom Built Gazebo and Table and Chairs The large

2. Site Help
...r a smaller screen resolution.   At Blue gum we like to offer as many choices as possible to our residents, and our website is no different. You can change the colour of the website by cli...

3. Living at Blue Gum Park
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park) key access to the computerised security entrance gates and communal facilities. That means that only park residents can use the facilities provided by Blue Gum Park, and that makes it a safer place...

4. Personal Choice
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park)
... offer the extra peace of mind having security patrols at night to ensure your safety and the comfort of the residents. These financial savings mean that you can go on holidays that you may not o...

5. Security
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park)
...e even offer the peace of mind having security patrols at night to ensure your safety and the comfort of the residents. To see a bigger picture, click on the image. These financial savings m...

6. Financial Benefits
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park)
...ds the same as most residential parks will have mangers, caretakers or park operators available 24 hours for residents, or ever see your neighbour, and not knowing the person that lives next to us is ...

7. Benefits
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park)
...e person! Many friendships arise from the community living in a cabin or caravan park. Many parks have residents that have lived in them for over 10 years, some for over 30 years. Happy people s...

8. Our Policy
(Information/About Blue Gum Caravan Park)
... At Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park we continually aim to maintain our high standards of living for residents and our popularity by providing a high quality modern caravan park for long term ...

9. Tourist Accommodation Update
...n.  This is to continue to provide and maintain the high standards of living for our long term rental residents. The minimum stay is now 28 days and we can no longer accept bookings for short...

...r Safety is our consideration!   Residential managers and caretakers are on-site 24 hours a day for residents, and we have key only access to communal amenities and personalised key only acce...

11. Accommodation Overview
(FAQs/Information) with shared amenities Site Facilities: New 2 Burner B-B-Q (parks approved) free for residents to use in the comfort of the new custom made gazebo and seating Camp kitchen...

... upgraded to residential and long term rental cabin homes to offer a better quality of accommodation for our residents, therefore we do not offer caravan and tent sites. Do you offer tourist acc...

...ded a 'SITE HELP' page.     Resident Managers and caretakers are always on-site for residents to make your home at Blue Gum Cabin and Caravan Park a pleasurable one!  ...

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All cabins at Blue Gum Caravan And Cabin Park are tastefully furnished with televisions, beds, table and chairs, fridges and couches or armchairs, depending on the type of accommodation that you choose. Couch and rug in standard cabin

For more information on residences, housing and cabin types and your choices see our rates page  

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Photos of our housing and accommodation are available here.




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